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  The remarkable growth in the number of candidates to the Catholic priesthood in the Ecclesiastical Provinces of Lagos, Ibadan and Benin City made it necessary for our Bishops to establish the new Major Seminary of All Saints located along Opoji Road of Uhiele Village in Ekpoma, Edo State. 

Also the burden of administration of a rather too large a number of seminarians was weighing heavily on SS. Peter and Paul, the only regional Seminary then, such that the formation process was becoming impersonal, due to rising population. 

Thus, out of the need to create an enabling environment for a continued wholesome, more integral and person-centred formation required for training of priests, it became very necessary to establish a second Major Seminary to cater for the remarkable growth in vocations to priesthood in the entire region.

On 11th February 1994, the Office of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples acceded to the request of the Bishops and issued a Bull establishing the Catholic Major Seminary of All Saints. 

This New Regional Seminary began her inaugural session (1995/96) on the temporary site at Brother Roman Centre, Ekpoma with 42 students.  In the second session, the student population rose to 82. 

In October 1997, at the beginning of the 1997/98 session, the Seminary eventually moved to her permanent campus in Uhiele with the staff and a total number of 121 seminarians.  At the end of 2009/2010 session, the Seminary completed her 14th session with a total student population of 280 resident and 54 on pastoral year.
Before a student can be admitted, he must understand what precisely the priesthood is all about. 
Then, he must apply to the Bishop of his Diocese through the Vocations Director if he has the basic academic qualifications for tertiary education in the country.  
The Bishop could give his approval and recommendation after he is duly satisfied that the candidate has the right motive and conception of the priesthood and has, also, adequate physical, intellectual, psychological and spiritual values which the Seminary can build upon. 

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